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Futureproof video management

City vertical

The world's leading, open-platform VMS

Next generation neural analytics

Simple expansion for cameras, devices and systems

Integrated with all leading camera brands

Life-time camera licensing with no annual fees

Failover options for mission critical applications

Cloud streaming and backup

Next generation neural analytics

Modular software options

For site expansion and enhanced functionality

Analytics. LPR. Facial Recognition. Point-of-Sale. BriefCam

Neural analytics - recognise objects and react in real-time!

Edge analytics options

Videowall integration

Apply logical detection rules to reduce false alarms

Surveillance, site management and process control solutions

Tc queueing
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Digifort is fully supported in the UK and Ireland

Mini plant oxford 2

Digifort UK is an appointed DELL reseller - our preferred partner for servers, PCs and storage

System and network design

Optimised server and PC solutions

Engineering and user certification training

Pre-deployment services:

  • Configuration
  • Project planning
  • System value engineering

Post deployment services:

  • Commissioning
  • System optimisation
  • Expansion

Project support and price protection

Proven, unified, trusted and secure.

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