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Brace yourself - stopped vehicle detection in action!

Digifort Stopped Vehicle Detection of a car on a highway.

This is a shocking video of a car stopping on a highway having over shot its junction. Digifort Stopped Vehicle Detection (SVD) spots the car and raises an alarm (shown as the box turning red), in real time.

The car is detected by the SVD after one second (an adjustable time setting), despite other vehicles passing in front of the camera view (occlusion, as we call it in the analytics industry). The car is identified and a real time alert raised for the system operator to action, even though the car stops briefly and then moves slowly. That is because SVD must account for more vehicle states than simply stopping, in order to be effective in real applications. Note that there is a colour profile alongside the car with percentages. This profile is registered in the metadata of the Digifort system so that, should we want to search for only white cars later (or any other colour), we can do this and narrow down the search. Lastly, please also note that other vehicles stop in the scene, such as the lorry, but these are not cars, so we have chosen to ignore them in this case.

Cars, vans, motorcycles and trucks, along with their colour and speed can all be detected. In other applications, we can add people, cyclists, bags and many more criteria.

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