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CCTV site monitoring and IT system checks. 

SBG offers VMS-based, CCTV site monitoring and IT system integrity checks. 

CCTV site monitoring and IT system checks. 

Digifort UK has launched a unique, remote CCTV, site monitoring service, complete with IT system integrity checks. Not only are sites visually monitored 24 / 7, by trained operators using the Digifort open platform VMS, but the IT equipment running the CCTV system is also continuously checked for correct operation. IT equipment can report tell-tale signs of problems, well before any system failure occurs. The IT integrity checks spot these signs, sending specific details which enable engineers to repair the system before the fault escalates or site security is compromised.

Paul Scott, Technical Director at the Digifort UK, explains, “The CCTV monitoring service applies to sites with any number of static and PTZ cameras. Digifort’s complete range of analytics, edge analytics, ALPR and alarm device handling can be implemented, with operators able to respond, in real-time, to site incidents. Audio challenge, ARC arm facility and guard tour features can also be configured remotely.

“We use Digifort’s client software because it out-performs traditional, central monitoring station software by a long way. It enables remote access and control of a wide range of analytics functionality, with a complete audit trail, vastly improving system management efficiency.

“Our IT integrity check service remotely tracks the management ‘dashboard’ of the servers, storage devices, hard drives or switches in a CCTV system. We can warn our customers days or even weeks in advance of any impending failure, enabling installers to avoid catastrophic, unmanaged failures with preventative servicing.”

If it is not possible to use the Digifort client, monitoring can still be provided through integration with traditional central station software, such as IMMIX.

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