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Digifort integrates with Sentinel ARC software.

Digifort also operates its own advanced, management, analytics and reporting features alongside Sentinel, for even greater system functionality.

Digifort integrates with Sentinel ARC software.

The Digifort open platform VMS is now integrated with Sentinel; the most popular alarm receiving centre (ARC) platform in the UK. Sentinel is designed to give operators a consistent, alarm handling ‘dashboard’ interface, irrespective of the CCTV, intruder, environmental and lone worker systems being used.

Typical ways in which Sentinel can be configured to respond to alarms from Digifort include:

  • Highlight the alarm for an immediate operator response.
  • Connect to the site for alarm verification.
  • Stack and prioritise alarms.
  • Enable on site control.
  • Enable audio announcements (zoned audio).
  • Listen for noises on site.

The advantage of Digifort operating alongside the Sentinel ARC software, is that many additional video management, analytics and reporting features can be enabled, significantly enhancing system functionality. For instance, where a Sentinel operator at the ARC might be alerted to an alarm for a real-time response, Digifort can concurrently send real time video alerts to an extensive hierarchy of designated keyholders, users and operators.

Digifort also includes a “Global Event” feature to enable a different set of responses to alarms, if the system has already been triggered from elsewhere and is already in an alarm state. This might be from integrated video analytics, PIRs, access control and motion detection systems, but can also include wider network management functions like failover status and network connection status.

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