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Digifort controls NVRs and DVRs with its VMS and analytics platform.

The Digifort VMS allows many different brands of NVRs and DVRs to be centrally controlled in a single, uniform platform.

Digifort controls NVRs and DVRs with its VMS and analytics platform.

The Digifort VMS and analytics platform is designed to manage and record IP cameras directly using servers. However, Digifort has integrated with many different NVR and DVR-based CCTV systems to allow central control of multiple systems, using its VMS platform. The NVRs and DVRs continue to record locally; can be located at many different sites; and can be from a wide range of different brand manufacturers. The DVR technologies covered include TVI, SDI, AHD and Composite video.

The prime benefits of this functionality are that the Digifort VMS can:

  1. Coordinate and centralise an existing and varied estate of NVRs and DVRs into a single, hugely capable, VMS platform.
  2. Allow an upgrade path for TVI, SDI, AHD and Composite video-based systems into one, large, future-proof IP platform, with countless integration and expansion possibilities.
  3. Enable Digifort’s extensive functionality to be applied to sites currently using far more limited NVRs and DVRs. For example, Digifort’s Surveillance Client can be used for site management; video walls can be implemented; an unlimited hierarchy of system users and user groups can be applied; specific events can be recorded centrally; comprehensive alarm and event management can be realized; and mobile phone streaming can be used to help protect lone workers and far more.
  4. Enable system upgrades, enhancements and expansion with bolt-on software modules for analytics, LPR, synopsis, facial recognition and point of sale.

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