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Digifort UK announces bi-directional integration with Cortech’s Datalog MV.

This ‘Premier Partner’ integration enables the Datalog MV CCTV Management System to control Digifort and benefit from its comprehensive VMS functionality, including options for analytics, LPR and facial recognition.

Digifort UK announces bi-directional integration with Cortech’s Datalog MV.

Digifort, in return, provides a multitude of information to improve Datalog’s site management effectiveness, such as camera, server, failover and alarm status.

Jason Blundell, Head of Sales and Marketing at Cortech Developments, said, “Cortech’s Datalog MV provides CCTV operators with a harmonised platform for local and remote site management. This includes comprehensive, fully audited reporting of all site incidents, evidence tracking and analysis. Security system alarms and events are identified, coordinated, and prioritized from multiple, third-party, building, fire, security and life safety systems. Alarms and events are visually verified with ‘video replay’ of live, pre-alarm, post-alarm, and archived video footage.”

Nick Bowden, MD of Digifort UK, said, “Digifort’s Premier Partner integration with Cortech enhances Datalog MV’s CCTV capability. It brings simple, expansion options for cameras, devices and systems, and modular options for next-generation neural analytics with metadata searching, edge analytics, LPR, and facial recognition. It benefits from Digifort’s SDK integration with over 400 camera manufacturer brands and over 10,000 cameras; supports server failover in mirrored, ratio and parallel recording; enables audio listening and triggering; and adds features such as Google maps, joystick control and smartphone viewing and streaming. Comprehensive videowall integration is also included, with comprehensive alarm and event handling.

“We also provide system design; optimised server and PC solutions; technical and sales training; pre-deployment services such as configuration and project planning; and site commissioning to support all projects.”

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