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Digifort zone occupancy in action - with dashboard and reports.

This video shows Digifort's neural analytics detecting and counting the number of people in a zone.

The people can enter and exit the zone from any direction - it does not rely on counting lines, which often struggle if there are more than one entry and exit point. There is no need to place a camera directly above a door for accuracy, so existing cameras can often be used.

The other screens show our occupancy dashboard. Here we can set a limit for the number people in the zone, with an enter / do not enter option. Alerts can be triggered if occupancy levels are exceeded.

Lastly, the bar-chart report is tracking occupancy over time. This data is available for the entire recording period and can be used for audit and management purposes.

Occupancy zones are drawn in the camera view. Total occupancy can be calculated in a single zone; multiple zones in a camera view; and multiple zones across multiple cameras.

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