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Digifort's new IPX analytics provides multi-zone, multi-camera occupancy.

Digifort IPX Analytics uses AI and Deep Learning to recognise people, vehicles and objects and how they are behaving.

Digifort's new IPX analytics provides multi-zone, multi-camera occupancy.

The IPX analytics will count the people, vehicles and objects within a zone, or multiple zones, in a camera view, simply by looking at the scene. This means:

  • No more counting people into and out of a room over a line.
  • No issues with more than one door or access point.
  • No need to place a camera directly above a door for accuracy.
  • Existing cameras can often be used to provide the analytics video stream.

Occupancy zones are drawn in the camera view. Total occupancy can be calculated in a single zone; multiple zones in a camera view; and multiple zones across multiple cameras. Real-time, current and historical occupancy reports can be produced and a web-based dashboard shows current occupancy.

Alerts can be triggered if occupancy levels are exceeded.

Typical applications include:

  • Management of office or meeting room use.
  • Management of site occupancy to Covid-secure requirements.
  • Car park management.

Digifort’s IPX Analytics also includes weapon detection and PPE detection modules.

Some facts about Digifort:

  • No annual maintenance fees.
  • Direct integration with over 300 camera brand partners (9000+ products).
  • 3.5M channel licenses sold.
  • Fail-over and cloud options.
  • Analytics, LPR, facial recognition and synopsis modules.

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