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Digifort’s version 7.2 enhances VMS search and retrieval efficiency.

Digifort, the open platform VMS and analytics company, is pleased to announce the release of version 7.2 of its market-leading software.

Digifort’s version 7.2 enhances VMS search and retrieval efficiency.

New enterprise features and sophisticated system functionality have been added, however, Digifort remains intuitive to use and simple to manage.

“New features of version 7.2 include metadata processing for increased video processing speed and fast search and retrieval functionality,” explains Francois Levy, Digifort Business Development Director for EMEA. “Our VMS now includes a Timeline Zoom feature for improved navigation. BriefCam video synopsis has been integrated, so operators can locate site incidents quickly using a wide range of simply applied, search criteria, such as object size, colour, direction, dwell time and speed.

“A camera preview pane is included at registration, increasing set up efficiency. Audio recording on motion detection has also been introduced. Alert emails with links to playback video can be sent to individuals or groups. Edge recording now benefits from download control and 64-bit operating systems are supported. Hundreds more camera SDK integrations have been added, making Digifort compatible with over 60 manufacturers video hardware ranges. This is more than any other independent VMS platform.”

Digifort offers end users and installers a cost-effective, VMS and analytics solution with incredible functionality and scalability. It has a broad range of video analytic functions including ANPR, traffic management (speed filter), object tracking, loitering, virtual fence, missing object, abandoned object, face detection, vehicle counting and people counting. All analytics functions can be used to create research and reporting data.

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