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Genesis SDK integration flexibility.

Genesis wireless PIR detector systems are SDK integrated with most leading CCTV control equipment and software.

Genesis SDK integration flexibility.

Genesis wireless PIR detector systems now have complete SDK integration with leading CCTV manufacturers’ control equipment including Immix, Panasonic, Dedicated Micros, Milestone and HeiTel.

Genesis wireless PIRs connect to an IP Masthead receiver from up to 1km away, using RF wireless communications. A Genesis PIR will alert when triggered by site incidents ranging from intruder detection through to tamper, cloak, shock, low battery, missing detector, Masthead tamper and Masthead jamming. All SDK integrated CCTV equipment has remote access to the Genesis IP Masthead, for configuring and managing alarm actions arising from any of the PIR alerts. Each alert can be mapped to one or more video channels within the CCTV system and the ‘alarm response’ to each alert can be clearly defined.

“A Windows-style, graphic user interface enables operators to link any type of alert to any video channel in a CCTV system and define subsequent actions”, explained Graham Creek, Managing Director of Luminite. “A detection or tamper alert can be configured to raise audible alarms, whilst a low battery event can be configured to request a routine maintenance visit. Key holders, operators and installers can all be notified of any combination of events, including by email. PIR system intelligence of this type significantly increases the effectiveness and efficiency of CCTV systems.

“Battery power and wireless communications are robust and reliable in PIR applications. No wiring is required between the PIR detectors and the IP Masthead, so they can be placed in their optimal position without requiring civil works. This not only makes Genesis wireless PIRs quick to install, but also allows the PIRs to be placed on a site perimeter looking inwards, reducing detection “overspill” and false alarms.”

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