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"I'm a fire starter, twisted fire starter..." Not with our analytics, you're not!

Following the huge interest in our fire detection IPX Analytics, this video shows a warehouse fire successfully detected within the Digifort Client.

"I'm a fire starter, twisted fire starter..." Not with our analytics, you're not!

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Digifort allows many subsequent actions to take place after the alarm is triggered, such as:

  • Send an alert to a smartphone.
  • Warn a system operator or keyholder in real time.
  • Trigger a physical alarm or trigger a sprinkler system.
  • Show a camera snapshot.
  • Call presets from cameras.
  • Download recordings from edge recording devices.
  • Play an audio clip (Prodigy lyrics optional) and much more…

There are many applications where early fire detection could save lives; reduce the spread of fire; and prevent damage to property. If this is of interest, please get in touch for more information or to discuss your site requirements with us.

Please note, this solution is designed to enhance and not replace essential, regulatory, fire safety measures on site.

Some facts about Digifort:

  • No annual maintenance fees.
  • Direct integration with over 300 camera brand partners (9000+ products).
  • 3.5M channel licenses sold.
  • Fail-over and cloud options.
  • Analytics, LPR, facial recognition and synopsis modules.

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