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Infortrend introduces EonNAS 1000 Gen2 unified storage.

With multiple host interface support, wide scalability and a new compact chassis

Infortrend introduces EonNAS 1000 Gen2 unified storage.

Infortrend® has announced the EonNAS 1000 Gen2 series of rackmount unified storage systems. They improve on EonNAS 1000 products by supporting more host interfaces, increasing flexibility for SMB deployment, especially in surveillance and backup/file sharing roles. With Infortrend JBODs, capacity can be easily expanded, and EonNAS 1000 Gen2 models also ship in a more compact chassis than their predecessors.

Available in several form factors, EonNAS 1000 Gen2 systems feature 1Gb/s iSCSI by default. Users can customize purchases with several host interfaces: 10Gb/s iSCSI and 16Gb/s FC are available. Accommodating future growth, EonNAS 1000 Gen2 systems can scale to as many as 128 drives via JB 2000 enclosures, totaling 768TB capacity with support for 6TB drives. EonNAS 1000 Gen2 chassis measure 500mm deep compared to 650mm with previous generation EonNAS 1000 systems. They are easier to fit in more cabinets and have greater back panel clearance for improved cooling.

Unified storage architecture allows file and block access in one, while the Solaris ZFS file system provides robust data integrity and corruption prevention. It also supports unlimited snapshot and 128-bit encrypted remote replication, plus quick and convenient EonRescue USB system recovery.

“EonNAS 1000 Gen2 systems offer an affordable choice for SMBs. They combine the flexibility of multiple host interfaces and simple scalability with a compact design, illustrating our commitment to constantly improving designs while retaining leading performance and reliability in all product segments”, said Thomas Kao, Senior Director of Product Planning at Infortrend.

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