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‘Object speed’ comes as standard with Digifort.

The Digifort open platform VMS includes ‘object speed’ as standard within its video analytics suite.

‘Object speed’ comes as standard with Digifort.

The speed of vehicles and people are measured; the readings are then presented as part of the object analytics boxes, on screen. People counting, loitering, left and removed object, tampering, direction, stationary object, face detection and virtual barriers are also included in Digifort’s standard, analytics package.

Object speed is highly effective data for many applications. Detecting vehicles speeding is an obvious application, but identifying when people are suspiciously running or stationery, instead of walking, or when a production line stops moving, are other typical examples of how the speed analytics can be used.

The more precise the calibration, using easily configurable parameters such as camera angle, height and distance from target, the more accurate the speed readings will be.

Digifort’s video analytics configuration is particularly simple and logical to use. Each analytics rule is set up with its corresponding actions. Not only does this simplify initial setup, but it also simplifies editing and fine tuning later. Clicking on an existing analytics box, on-screen, will describe its function and takes the user to its setup and action menu for editing.

Speed triggers can include people or vehicles travelling above or below a designated limit; outside a specific acceptable band; or reaching a particular speed level. Once triggered, high-quality video evidence is recorded and operators or key-holders alerted. Actions can include notification by email, text or SMS with video clips. An unlimited number of secure client PCs, tablets and smartphones can access and view the system.

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