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Server failover resilience for VMS systems.

See our article, "Build resilience into mission-critical CCTV systems using server failover design", published in the March edition of Professional Security Magazine.

Server failover resilience for VMS systems.

Resilience is designed into CCTV systems to ensure the continued security, process or operational control of a site, in case any part of a CCTV system fails for any reason.

Many larger CCTV systems, especially those deployed in critical and national infrastructure projects, are mission-critical, with an expected 24/7 operation. An immediate and appropriate response to component failure must be built in, including when that failure is caused deliberately, by malicious attack, terrorism or hacking. It is also the case that larger CCTV systems, with higher quantities of video cameras, power supplies, storage devices, servers and network devices have, by definition, more parts and therefore greater risk of failure.

The article goes on to explain how different levels of server failover design can provide cost-effective resilience. This can help mitigate failure and ensure data is protected and site operation maintained.

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