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Set analytics on each Redvision RV30™ dome preset with Digifort.

Redvision’s RV30™, X-SERIES™ rugged PTZ dome cameras integrate with leading, open platform, VMS provider, Digifort, available exclusively through the Digifort UK. 

Set analytics on each Redvision RV30™ dome preset with Digifort.

Operators can take full advantage of variable speed PTZ operation, with flexible control options. The rugged dome’s wiper, IR and white light illumination can be switched on automatically, manually or scheduled using the Digifort client and all dome pre-sets and tours are remotely configurable.

Comprehensive analytics profiles can be set up for each rugged dome preset. The Digifort VMS reads the x, y and z coordinates of the PTZ preset, allowing users to assign individual analytics profiles to each one. The analytics set up in scheduled presets and preset tours can then be tailored to day-time, night-time, weekend, holiday and alarm operation.

Dermot Grace, managing director of UK manufacturer, Redvision, stated, “Digifort is a scalable VMS with analytics built-in. It gives customers a robust, server-based recording and control platform for the X-SERIES™, with the ability to enhance system effectiveness and operation using advanced, easily set up, analytics. It has flexible display, storage, operator and channel expansion options and, with our cameras, is ideal for public space, retail, transport, MoD, custodial, education, stadia and industrial markets.”

Redvision RV30™ X-SERIES™ rugged PTZ cameras provide Full HD video stream recording, with lower resolution sub-streams for efficient, remote control, display and transmission. The RV30™ range has 1080p and 720p resolution options, viewing events from 120 and 150 metres, respectively, and successfully identifying people at 40m or 60 metres.

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