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Supporting Redvision and Cortech's 'Resilient CCTV Technology Day'.

Digifort delivered outstanding support to Redvision and Cortech at the recent Technology Day, covering resilience in CCTV system design.

Supporting Redvision and Cortech's 'Resilient CCTV Technology Day'.

The day was reported by Roy Cooper in the November issue of Professional Security Magazine, here: Professional Security Magazine - November 2022 - p35.

Shown presenting is Nick Bowden, MD, Digifort UK (Digifort UK).

The Digifort VMS platform is the brains behind Redvision's VMS1000 and is a Premier Integration partner with Cortech.

Digifort allows for different levels of failover: server to server failover, when the live server fails and the failover server takes over; a server to server ratio (such as 10 live to one failover); failover of critical cameras only; and parallel recording, where the control room is duplicated and recording of events can survive a catastrophe, such as a terrorist attack. CCTV resilience also relies on network design, network equipment and power resilience, which was also covered.

Digifort not only transfers video to the failover server, to give site continuity, but also all VMS services, such as analytics, LPR, facial recognition, mobile apps, point of sale, Google maps and much, much more.

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Pictures courtesy of Roy Cooper, Professional Security Magazine.

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