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The advanced capability of Digifort's AI-driven, Neural Analytics solutions in action.

This short video clearly demonstrates Digifort's next-generation Neural Analytics operating in industrial applications.

Digifort's Neural Analytics solutions are AI-driven. They will recognise the objects within a camera's field of view and raise an alert if specific objects of interest appear. The system becomes really powerful by using rules to alert operators when combinations of objects appear together, such as people getting too close to machinery, or when objects are not present, such as people without helmets on a building site. Other examples include:

  • Recognising a person who is not wearing PPE.
  • Showing when people are too close together and not social distancing.
  • Tracking people occupancy in a camera view. Multiple camera views, or zones within views, can be added together to give a total occupancy in a building.
  • Tracking car park occupancy.
  • Recognising fire.

Digifort UK has developed cost-effective Dell Analytics Servers which are optimised for our Neural Analytics solutions using NVidia GPUs. These servers are affordable and deployable now!

Digifort is continually building up the database of objects its Neural Analytics recognise, making the system increasingly effective and powerful.

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