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The cost performance benefits of different analytics technologies.

Our article in Professional Security Magazine looks at the three broad types of video analytics technology available in server-based, VMS solutions.

The cost performance benefits of different analytics technologies.

Digifort supports all three types, as well as integrating with the analytics in third-party NVR’s; ‘all-in-one’ analytics boxes; and cameras - so we are well placed to explore the cost performance benefits of each.

The most accurate and capable analytics option is neural. However, this is the most expensive because the software costs more and it requires high performance hardware to run. The other analytics options may be less capable, but they are perfectly suitable for many CCTV applications, where budgets are tighter.

Digifort is a technology partner of Nvidia. Its analytics software is optimized to run on Nvidia Graphics Processing Units (GPUs), fitted in a server alongside the operating system (OS) processor. Where brake horse power (BHP) in cars is a measure of performance, so in VA servers it is ‘CUDA cores’. Even a low-cost Nvidia GPU will add over 600 CUDA cores to the server and GPU’s of 4000 cores or more are common place and affordable. The GPU performance is distributed across multiple analytics channels which are allocated to the video channels, but not locked together, allowing flexible and dynamic resource allocation to analytics in a system, as required. NVR, boxed and camera solutions simply do not have this performance or flexibility.

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