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Our article, "The economics of VMS solutions" is featured in PSM

Professional Security Magazine have featured our article which makes the economic case for VMS over NVR solutions.

Our article, "The economics of VMS solutions" is featured in PSM

Choosing a Video Management Software (VMS) solution for a CCTV surveillance application is often considered to be a more expensive than an NVR solution. That may be true in capital expenditure terms, however, when considering the system’s total cost of ownership; the multitude of operational savings; and the advanced functionality, system resilience, flexibility, scalability, and sheer capability offered; then the most cost-effective option swings back in favour of the VMS.

In this article, Nick Bowden, Managing Director of Digifort UK, supplying and supporting the Digifort VMS and analytics platform in the UK, explains the true economics of VMS solutions and their many advantages.

This article is designed to provide integrators and end-users with some insight into the greater value and flexibility offered by VMS solutions like Digifort and what to look for when designing a system. It considers:

  • One-time-buy VMS licensing
  • VMS vs CMS
  • Re-using legacy equipment
  • IT infrastructure benefits
  • Scalability
  • Added value

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Read the article in Professional Security Magazine, here...

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