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Digifort Keyboard

The Digifort DGF-KB1000 keyboard provides fast and simple system control.

Digifort Keyboard

The Digifort keyboard is multi-use with a joystick for variable speed pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ).

Its functionality includes:

  • Camera short-cut: Show a specified camera on screen.
  • Virtual matrix: Send camera video to another server monitor.
  • Previous screen style: Select left mosaic.
  • Next screen style: Select the right mosaic.
  • Full screen: Set selected object (camera, analytic, LPR) as Full Screen.
  • Hide tool-bar: Hide surveillance client tool-bar.
  • Refresh: Refresh the surveillance client.
  • Motion detection: Toggles the use of motion detection on the surveillance client.
  • Mosaic: Changes mosaic / multi-screen
  • Screenshot: Saves a screenshot of the selected camera.
  • Events: Trigger an event.
  • Virtual mouse: Enables and disables mouse control.
  • Mouse left button: Mouse left button click.
  • Mouse right button: Mouse right button click.
  • Virtual keyboard: Open and close Digifort Virtual Keyboard.
  • Opening iris: Opens the selected camera’s iris to increase picture brightness.
  • Closing iris: Closes the selected camera’s iris to reduce brightness.
  • Focus near: Adjusts focus to nearby objects.
  • Focus far: Adjusts focus for distant objects or landscapes.
  • PTZ block: Lock and unlock selected PTZ features.
  • Pre-sets: Call a pre-set by the index.
  • PTZ patrol: Change PTZ patrol sequence.
  • Virtual PTZ: Enable and disable Virtual PTZ.
  • Simple PTZ: Enable and disable Simple PTZ.
  • Zoom out: Zoom out on the selected camera.
  • Zoom in: Zoom in on the selected camera.
  • Media player: Starts media playback.
  • Media player controls: Start playback; select recording time; forward recording; previous recording; start and pause video playback.
  • Play & pause: Start and pause the video on media player.
  • LCD for camera identification: Show surveillance information.
  • Joystick: Operate PTZ cameras.


Digifort DGF-KB1000 Digifort keyboard with Joystick Download

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