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License Plate Recognition

Digifort LPR (License Plate Recognition)

License Plate Recognition

The Digifort LPR can be used on highways, streets, parking lots, shopping malls, businesses, or anywhere that requires the identification of a vehicle license plate. Digifort uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) features for automatic license plate character recognition. It identifies the vehicle license plates and stores them in a database for immediate or future searches. It allows the plates to be associated with any site event, opening barriers or generating alarms automatically, if required.

The Digifort LPR solution can determine which vehicles are authorized or not authorized to enter a site using white or black lists. The system will open gates automatically, apply traffic restrictions (such as stolen car, overdue IPVA or unpaid fines) and issue alerts.

Digifort LPR features include:

  • Integration with internal and external databases.
  • Interaction with access control equipment (gates).
  • Operation with Virtual Loop or Physical Loop.
  • Unlimited database for plate registration.
  • Read license plate of vehicles at any speed (Limited only to the camera capture capabilities).
  • Allow searching by date, time, plate, character set, partial plate and camera.
  • Suspicious car reports.
  • Prints photos of car license plates.


Digifort LPR datasheet. License Plate Recognition systems Download

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