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Digifort Video Synopsis® from BriefCam® for advanced video reviewing and searching.

Digifort Video Synopsis® software offers operators exceptional forensic search and review functionality, from within the Digifort VMS platform.

Video Synopsis® is a powerful video search tool from BriefCam® which integrates with Digifort’s intelligent data processing to make surveillance systems far more effective. It enables operators to find specific incidents quickly using a range of simply applied, search criteria such as object size, colour, direction, dwell and speed.

How does Digifort Video Synopsis® work?

Video data from the Digifort VMS is uploaded from each camera channel. Video Synopsis®’ intelligent algorithms use metadata to extrapolate objects and activity from within each camera video stream.

Each incident is tagged, allowing operators to isolate individual, relevant events for viewing. For example, a search of all yellow cars travelling on a highway between 13:00 hrs and 15:00 hours would show all occurrences to be overlaid onto just a few minutes of video. The operator can quickly identify the specific car of interest and click on it to see the original video.

The benefits of Digifort Video Synopsis®

Adding Digifort Video Synopsis® to a system allows users to identify unseen and unreported events; significantly reduce data searching times by using specific object features; process evidence very quickly; reduce operator search times and costs and export and share data effectively.

Applications where Digifort Video Synopsis® has experienced great success already include transport infrastructures, airports, stations, retail outlets, town centres, car parks, warehouses, industrial and commercial sites.

Digifort has developed its technology partnership with BriefCam® to allow powerful integration opportunities with other site security and management tools, such as fire alarms, intruder, access control and building management systems.

An unlimited number of secure client PCs, tablets and smartphones can access and view the Digifort Video Synopsis® system.

Video Synopsis® is a registered trademark of BriefCam®.


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