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Digifort Overview

Digifort is a unified, open platform, VMS and analytics solution.

Digifort Overview

Digifort is a server-based, Video Management Software and Analytics system for effective digital surveillance, automation and access control. It offers total integration with 400 camera manufacturer brands, which is more than 10,000 products (over 99% of all IP cameras available). Digifort supports Edge recording and Edge analytics within its license structure, allowing third-party analytics to be used within the system if required.

Digifort allows virtual matrix and video wall functionality.

Digifort’s graphic interface runs on Windows-based Operating Systems such as Server 2016, Server 2019 and Windows 10. This means Digifort benefits from familiar display screens, functions, menus, help windows and manuals. It is simple to operate and learn and only requires minimal training.

Video Overview

Digifort is available in 4 editions, with an upgrade path to grow any systems to any size:

  • Explorer - up to 16 cameras (no alarms)
  • Standard - up to 32 cameras
  • Professional - up to 64 cameras
  • Enterprise - unlimited cameras

Digifort comes with two different analytics options:

Neural Analytics

  1. General - identifying many types of objects.
  2. Crime - identifying short and long weapons, suspicious positioning (like aiming a gun), motor cycle helmet and mask.
  3. Industrial - identifying people wearing (or not wearing) hard hat type helmets, masks and goggles.

Embedded Core Analytics

Each license includes all of the following: Presence, Enter, Exit, Appear, Disappear, Direction filter, Speed filter, Tailgating, Counting, Stopped object, Loitering, Abandoned object and Removed object.

Any combination of the above rules can be run concurrently in a zone within a camera view and multiple zones can be used concurrently on each analytics channel / license.

We offer additional software modules for:

  • Facial recognition.
  • License plate recognition (LPR).
  • Video synopsis using deep integration with BriefCam.

We also offer solutions for Edge recording and Edge analytics and we have i-LIDS approval.

Brochures and Datasheets

Digifort brochure The Digifort VMS and analytics platform Download
Digifort reference sites. Reference sites from all over the world Download
Digifort Feature Matrix Compare license features Download

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