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Neural Analytics

AI Driven Decisions. Digifort Neural Analytics recognises the objects in a camera's field of view.

Neural Analytics

An alert can be raised if people, vehicles and / or objects of interest appear in a scene. However, the system becomes really powerful when additional rules are applied. Some examples are:

  • How many people are there in a camera view? Multiple camera views, or zones within views, can be added together to give a total.
  • How many cars in a car park?
  • Recognising a person with a gun.
  • Recognising a person is not wearing a helmet or has no PPE.
  • Showing when people are too close together and not social distancing.

Digifort Neural Analytics is building up a database of more objects and rules, making the system more and more powerful.

Digifort IPX Analytics comes in three modules:





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