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The Digifort Point-of-Sale (POS) system records time-sychronised, video footage of ‘cash-till’ transactions for retailers. The transactions can be linked to a specific till, cashier, product type or site and can be used in multi-site applications.

The system allows multiple cameras to be linked to each till, if required. Transaction categories can include suspicious activities, such as void, refund and high value sales, however, retailers can add any categories they like to better match their business needs and stock descriptions.

The Digifort POS system will alert the system manager to suspicious transactions, in real-time, for an appropriate and timely response. It also provides insightful data about the retailer’s site activity and operation, which can help to improve the customer experience.

Video evidence of transactions can be provided in a range of file types with secure, encryption options.

POS Search Tool

The Digifort POS search tool allows retailers to easily find and retrieve video evidence of transactions for analysis from multiple cameras at once. It provides comprehensive reporting of site or multi-site activity with transaction incidents and exceptions identified and listed in categories.

The Digifort POS can search based on any transaction data on the till, including complete and partial words. This might include operator ID or name, training mode, Z read, drawer open and many more, such as below:

  • Events - anything pre-defined as an event or incident for real-time alerts.
  • Description – anything that appears as part of a transaction.
  • Quantity – more or less than a user-defined quantity of goods.
  • Price – more or less than a user-defined price for an item or total sale.

The Digifort POS also allows combined category searches for efficiency. Some examples might be:

  • All ‘Void’ transactions by ‘Cashier B’ on ‘All Tills’.
  • All ‘Refund’ transactions on ‘Till 12’.
  • Description ‘Surf” (for surf-n-turf) with a price greater than £12.00.
  • Description ‘Whiskey’ with a price less than £9.00.
  • All activity by ‘Cashier B’.

Digifort Live POS Display

The Digifort POS search tool appears as a separate pane within the Digifort viewing client. This ensures till information does not get in the way of video. It also allows system users to build bespoke display screens with search panes and multiple camera panes to suit their individual applications.

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