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WD Purple HDDs

WD Purple™ 3.5-inch hard disc drives are the ideal range for 'always on' surveillance environments

WD Purple HDDs

Western Digital® Purple™ 3.5-inch, high-capacity hard drives are ideal for VMS surveillance systems. We offer any size for 1TB to 18TB.

The WD Purple range suits applications with increased storage capacity and higher hard drive bay counts. They suit greater numbers of attached cameras, where exceptional reliability and durability are essential. WD Purple drives withstand ‘always-on’ digital surveillance recording environments, yet offer low power consumption and many advanced performance technologies and features including:

  • AllFrame™ - AllFrame™ technology helps to reduce video footage loss with a proprietary cache management technology to help improve data flow and playback. WD Purple includes exclusive firmware upgrades that protect against video pixilation and interruptions within a surveillance system.
  • Premium Protection - WD Purple HDDs are designed with tarnish-resistant components which offers premium protection in harsh environments where surveillance systems can often be installed.
  • Support for High-Camera-Count Systems - WD Purple hard drives are optimized to support systems utilizing high numbers of high-definition surveillance cameras, giving you the flexibility to upgrade and expand your security system in the future. Higher storage capacities also allow you to store surveillance footage for a longer period of time, especially in situations when every second counts*.

* The specific number of cameras that can be supported will be dependent on a number of criteria including types and capability of cameras installed (resolution, fps, additional features) and the system’s hardware and software capability.


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