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Mono Pumps, part of the NOV group, Manchester.

For security, health & safety, site management, process control and logistics.

Mono Pumps, part of the NOV group, Manchester.

For security, health & safety, site management, process control and logistics.

Mono Pumps Ltd has relocated its UK manufacturing site to Chadderton, Manchester, for increased production.

Mono Pumps Ltd, is part of the multi-billion pound National Oilwell Varco (NOV) group. The new factory is constructed on a former BAE site, regenerating a large area of East Manchester and providing new jobs and opportunities. There are over 500 members of staff working a 24/7 shift pattern. The site is large, with a 330,000²ft factory, 90,000²ft of additional office space and on-site car parking.

Piggott and Whitfield (PW) was commissioned to take the building from a shell to a fully functioning, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. As an expert Mechanical and Electrical building services company, PW managed the entire building project, including replacing the roof and floor; fitting electrics, networks, heating and ventilation; constructing internal and external offices and refurbishing existing offices; and installing a cutting edge CCTV security system to protect the site.

Mono Pumps Ltd produces a wide range of high-tech pumps. 50% of production is for industrial food and chemicals and the remaining 50% is for the oil industry, including supply of its owning company, NOV. The pumps are of an exceptionally high-quality and include specialist, ATEX explosion-rated pumps for oil and mining use.

PW worked with the Digifort UK to design an intelligent CCTV security system, which guards the site from unwanted intrusion and theft, whilst protecting employees and visitors working on site. Security staff are alerted to site incidents, responding immediately to unwanted activity.

The new security system uses CCTV cameras positioned around the factory and office exterior, site perimeter, boundary locations and at key entry and exit points. Pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) dome cameras zoom in to provide detailed images, such as facial shots of people. Fixed cameras, with built-in infra-red, provide overview images at day or night. All the cameras are located externally and have high vandal-resistance (IK10) and weatherproof (IP66) ratings.

The CCTV security system includes an intelligent video management software (VMS) system from Digifort, run on a server. This network-based solution provides instant alerts and alarms when motion occurs on any camera. It is viewed from a centralised, internal monitoring facility within the offices and at the site’s gate house. Both locations use dedicated client PCs.

The primary purpose of the CCTV system is to protect the site from intrusion and theft. PW have delivered a high quality, intelligent CCTV system, which alerts security staff immediately, should an incident occur. This allows them to zoom in, gather evidence and decide, from a safe distance, what course of action should be taken. The entire site can be monitored from either location, without putting manned guards at risk, ensuring no unwanted activity is missed.

The new security system allows Mono Pumps Ltd to protect a large site effectively and efficiently, with minimal cameras. Staff are able to respond appropriately to any threats, including requesting a police response if necessary. Evidence of all activity is recorded, in real-time, in Full HD and the system can be viewed using mobile PC’s and smartphones, if access is granted.

The future looks bright for Mono Pumps Ltd. The company continues to grow and the security system installed is future-proof. The new CCTV system is highly intelligent and can inform Health and Safety processes and procedures, identify any areas for improvement and highlight when procedures are breached. The system can also be used for process control, site management, health and safety and logistics.

Chris Riesen, Intelligent Solutions Manager at PW, commented, “PW is an advanced building services and data communications company offering specialist Mechanical and Electrical services to the construction industry. We work with our suppliers to ensure the final solution meets customers’ requirements. It is great to work on a regeneration project in Manchester and see manufacturing grow again in the North West. Mono Pumps Ltd is well-protected by an intelligent CCTV system from Digifort UK, which can be expanded easily as Mono Pumps grows.”

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