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Portsmouth International Port selects Redvision’s VMS1000™, driven by Digifort.

Portsmouth International Port selects Redvision’s VMS1000™, driven by Digifort.

Portsmouth International Port, on the south coast of England, is Britain’s biggest, municipal port. It is known as the UK’s best-connected port with regular ferry and freight services to France, Spain and the Channel Islands; direct links to the UK’s motorway network, including the M3, M27 and A3M; alongside ambitious plans to grow the number of cruise calls to over one hundred a year.

The port provides a huge amount of local employment and is a significant contributor to the UK’s tourism and visitor economy.

A masterplan recently launched by the port demonstrates that by 2042 the port could generate £801m annually for the national economy, and support nearly 11,500 jobs. In addition, the recently-approved Solent Freeport includes Portsmouth, which offers customs advantages to businesses for using its facilities.

Portsmouth International Port’s estate comprises a dedicated passenger terminal with a brand-new extension for cruise customers, car lanes, a multi-storey car park and a lorry park. There are also several remote buildings spread across the site, connected by a fibre optic network.

Portsmouth Port chose Redvision’s VMS1000™, powered by Digifort.

Portsmouth Port chose Redvision’s VMS1000™ video management system, powered by Digifort, for its CCTV, security and site management requirements. The UK manufacturer’s VMS1000™ is server-based. A fibre network connects the VMS 1000™ in the central control room in the passenger terminal with the other site buildings. Each building has a local video server for recording, with command and control capability. The VMS1000™ allows staff to view all site cameras from any command and control positions, however each operator’s individual camera viewing access is specific to them and based on the responsibility and requirements of their roles. USB powered keyboards, with joysticks, are also used in each building for accurate PTZ control.

The VMS1000™ is powered by Digifort, a world-leading, open-platform VMS and analytics solution, optimised for comprehensive control of Redvisions’s X-SERIES™ rugged PTZ dome cameras and Knight series range of fixed turret/bullet cameras. The VMS1000™ is integrated with 400 further camera manufacturer brands, with resolutions from 2MP to 12MP and H.264 or H.265 HVAC compression options, giving total flexibility in camera selection and site expansion in future.

Staff safety, asset protection and site management

“The purpose of the new VMS1000™ CCTV system is to provide improved levels of safety for staff and passengers; protect cargo, buildings and assets; and provide site management resources for this busy, expanding site,” says Glenn Waterfall, Sales Director at Redvision CCTV. “The VMS1000™ is a life-time purchase, so incurs no annual maintenance fees or overheads. All remote viewing client software is free, unlike many other VMS solutions of this advanced capability, and it offers modular options for analytics; licence plate recognition; facial recognition; and point-of-Sale, which can all be applied as the site expands.”

Redvision’s VMS 1000™, powered by Digifort, is already proven extensively in critical and national infrastructure sites, MoD, Government and public space applications across the UK. All the advanced features of Redvision’s X-SERIES™ PTZ cameras and Knight series range of fixed turret/bullet cameras are enabled, such as control of IR and white lights, wiper, washer, telemetry, iris and focus.

Glenn added, “Managing the move from the legacy, 64 channel, analogue CCTV system to the new, IP-based, VMS system, was an important factor in the selection of the VMS1000™ and Redvision. Redvision pre-configured and tested the system before delivery to site, ensuring a smooth installation. Legacy analogue cameras were encoded into the IP-based, VMS system. Over time, these will be upgraded to IP cameras within the same VMS license structure, at no extra costs. New Redvision X-SERIES™ IP PTZ cameras and VEGA™ fixed cameras were also added, taking the total camera count across all sites to more than 120.”

Redvision’s VMS1000™ is a futureproof solution.

In future, Portsmouth International Port has the flexibility to add Video Analytics for perimeter protection; license plate recognition; integration with road signage and barriers; and container number registration to the system. This additional functionality can help operators identify site incidents and events in real time, whilst also improving the smooth running of the site.

The VMS 1000™ from Redvision, powered by Digifort, was installed at Portsmouth International Port with minimal disruption. It is the ideal security and site management solution, enhancing site safety and protecting cargo, buildings and assets.

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