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Digifort UK offers a time-saving pre-configuration and on-site configuration service.


​All equipment, system configuration and operation are tested either off-site, before installation, or on-site, after installation.

Pre-configuration off-site (IP CCTV solutions).


This service is for Digifort UK hardware solutions and/or Digifort VMS and VA systems of over 16 cameras.

This service includes:

  • Set-up of IP addresses for cameras, NVRs and switches.
  • Set-up of NVRs to view cameras and record at specified rates.

Pre-defined IP addresses are used unless otherwise specified.

Configuration / pre-configuration remotely or at customers site (IP CCTV solutions)


This service is for Digifort hardware solutions and/or Digifort VMS and VA systems.

This service applies to all system sizes and includes the same services as defined in PRE-CON 1PD.

The following system installation criteria and information must be provided:

  • Model number, location, mac address and serial number of cameras.
  • Cameras must be installed, powered and connected to network equipment.
  • NVRs must be powered and positioned complete with HDDs.
  • Switches must be powered and positioned.
  • The site manager or responsible engineer must be available.
  • All PCs must be configured and ready for software installation.

System setup, including software programming, camera commissioning and display group configuration is the responsibility of the installer.

No equipment should be connected to the customer’s own network until IP addresses have been set up and the IT manager is present.

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