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Engineering & User Certification

Digifort UK offers Digifort VMS and Analytics training courses for consultants, engineers, sales staff and end users.

Engineering & User Certification

Digifort End User Training Course


Recommended for Digifort system operators.

This 1/2-day course covers:

  • Basic system operation
  • System documentation

Duration: 1/2 day. Location: Stockport HQ, online or customer site.

DIGIFORT Engineering Training Course


Recommended for technical sales, consultants and engineers.

Course contents is as follows:

  • Analyzing the CCTV requirement specification
  • Analysis of network for the system
  • Analysis of servers, storage and client machines
  • Digifort system architecture overview
  • Cameras and transport
  • Digifort design tool
  • Digifort licensing
  • System documentation
  • Basic system operation

Duration: 1 day. Location: Stockport HQ, online or customer site.

Digifort ADVANCED Engineering Training Course


Recommended for technical support engineers and consultants.

Course contents in as above plus:

  • Addressing and ports
  • Admin client overview and practical application
  • Integration overview and analysis
  • Video Analytics / VA
  • License Plate Recognition / LPR
  • Facial recognition and video synopsis by request

Duration: 2 days. Location: Stockport HQ, online or customer site.

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