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Monitoring & ARC Solutions

Digifort UK provides CCTV site monitoring and server integrity monitoring.

Monitoring & ARC Solutions

Digifort UK recommends using the Digifort client for remote video/CCTV site monitoring. This allows users to take full advantage of all VMS and analytics features and functionality, with a comprehensive audit trail.

Digifort is integrated with SENTINEL alarm receiving centre (ARC) and remote monitoring station software platform. Find out more...

Our services include:

  • Single Static Camera
  • Per PTZ - maximum of 4 PIR detectors per PTZ
  • Up to 8 Cameras (all static)
  • Up to 16 Cameras (all static)
  • For each additional static camera on the system
  • For each additional PTZ on the system
  • Audio challenge
  • ARC arm facility
  • Guard tour (up to 15 cameras) - per tour
  • Guard tour (over 15 cameras) - per tour

Additional services offered are:

  • Open Sites
  • Verify Fire/Intruder Alarm - per event
  • Police Prosecution Insurance Evidence DVD Footage
  • Guard/visitor in-site monitoring with telephone support - per minute
  • Lone worker - auto dial up response - per event
  • Secure video entry receiving - out of hours with remote access
  • Secure video entry receiving - 24 hours with remote access

Server and IT equipment monitoring:

Digifort UK monitors the integrity of the servers and storage devices used within the IP / VMS CCTV system IT infrastructure. We use the device ‘dashboard’ to remotely monitor its operation. We can anticipate HDD failure in advance and identify server malfunction, well before the IT infrastructure of the site security system is compromised. In most cases installers can rectify problems before they escalate, within routine maintenance visits.

  • Server integrity verification
  • Storage device integrity verification - NAS / SAN
  • Checking /anticipating HDD or device malfunction
  • Server / device OS must allow remote access (eg. Server 2019 OS)
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