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Project Planning and System Value Engineering

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Project Planning

Spending time scoping the requirements of a video management and analytics project is never a waste! It helps to clarify the project requirements and optimise the system servers, viewing PCs, software and integrations necessary.

Larger surveillance systems often utilise legacy equipment, including analogue cameras, and the migration from the old system to the new system may be spread over a number of years for budget purposes. This is normal. We have extensive experience in project planning and system value engineering to manage projects of this type - keeping your system operational and your site safe throughout the process.

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Value Engineering

To calculate the data storage and network bandwidth requirements of a VMS system we need to know:

  • Quantity of cameras
  • Camera resolutions
  • Number of days of recording
  • Frames rate requirements
  • Whether recording is continuous or if motion detection or analytics will be used

If the project is multi-sited, knowing the bandwidths between each site can be useful in determining whether local site recording or centralised recording can be used.

The Digifort Design Tool helps to estimate the servers and storage required.

The Digifort Integrated Device tool can be used to check that site cameras are integrated with the VMS.

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